iCal-Generator 1.4 - a free calendar script logo-german
generate/create your own ical-file with your personal appointments.
Organizer mandatory field
Your e-mailaddress  
Calendar name optional. 24 chars in max.; Please specify without suffix and special chars.
Reminder Reminder - not accepted by many calendar programs - because of danger of manipulation.
Place in event optional
Time zone in event optional. See also: World Time Clock and map of Europe
URL in event optional
To create this calendar correctly, date format, separator and input format must follow these rules:
Input can be a file in plain text format (filename.txt) or a list of events in "events".
The events must be fullfilled line by line.
Date Format
Example: 25.09.2049 or 25092049 (leading Zeros must be written).
All separators except: "Comma " are allowed.
Separator separates the columns of each other. The character: "," must not appear elsewhere in the text.
Entry Form Text is optional
Recurrence number of repetitions: 
FAQ How do I get Excel toward the desired input form?

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